Exhibition Pieces – Warm Falls

My journey through the history of art has impacted me greatly and influenced the decision to make my final pieces in the abstract modern art style.  Artist Gerhard Richter being my biggest influence whilst considering ‘Warm Falls’.  I felt I wanted to recreate a waterfall effect as in some of the work of Richter.  I used a black acrylic laid upon a white canvas, once this was dry I gently applied oil paint in thick layers then dragged it down the canvas which gave this waterfall effect.  The colours were chosen to promote warmth within the scene, the colours that I associate with feelings of happiness, safety and warmth.  Size and gold leaf was carefully applied then loosely wiped off again in the same direction as that of the oil.  The picture provides some pleasing aesthetics which were achieved quite quickly, therefore I did not need to spend hours perfecting.  The markings have fallen as I would have liked.

Warm Falls

Gerhard Richter, 1972

Warm Falls, now in frame at Exhibition



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