Exhibition Pieces – Ricochet

My work takes a critical view of the sensitive political and cultural issues currently upon us.  As the ricochet scars our brickwork, a place we once felt so safe, now jeopardised by violent acts of terror.  On our streets, in our homes, the unfortunate truth is that it’s now engrained within us as a possible outcome to the day.

While I have used a variety of materials and processes to create Ricochet my methodology remains consistent.  Concerned with the constant threat upon us I have attempted to show this through the repetition of scarred bricks which links the recurring concern.  Ricochet on the very bricks of our society.

Danger hidden yet in plain sight, whilst extreme, I have found that the histories of our cultures along with a minimal approach to assist me greatly in the arranging of these received ideas within my work.

Block print with polystyrene and mixtures of oil and acrylic paints, cut and laid in traditional stretcherbond style, ricochet is added by use of silver leaf.



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