Feeling movement..


Always keen to use a vast array of different surfaces and materials and following research into the work of installation artist Lee Bul I took to attempting a glass piece.  I chewed the glass using the back end of a glass cutter which gave this crystallised glass effect.  Using a square tile mirror I tried to place glass in a similar order to how it fell when I was cutting through it.  This gave a semi explosion feel to its composition.  Using PVC glue, I stuck down glass with gloves and tweezers, a time-consuming task.  However, once the glue was dry, it was not transparent and in parts you could see it through the glass as a white paste.  This gave the piece a plastic aesthetic which was not in line with my original vision.   I therefore removed most of the glass and took to starting again, this time using Gorilla glue as it would be clear upon final fusion.  This provided a much-improved finish, however some of the glass still had remnants of the PVC glue which changed the overall appearance of the glass, therefore although it has been a useful experiment, it is not a piece I will be using as my FMP.


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