FMP Experimentation

Wanting to achieve a similar finish to that of Garth Weiser I took to experimenting with materials in the hope of creating some sort of back drop that I could embellish with metallic, a piece that would give a sense of interest and beauty.  I painted a rough piece of hardboard with white emulsion then covered the whole piece with plasterer’s adhesive hoping to create a roughness, a texture.  Once this has started to turn quite tacky I began to cut symmetrical lines and squares using a brick layers trowel, however the colour was very dull, so whilst it was still at this tacky stage I added some oil paint to brighten up random areas.  This did start to look aesthetically pleasing however some of the colours had started to mix which compromised their performance.  I decided to wait for it to dry to see the overall effect, once dry and displeased with the result I sprayed the whole piece red, then black and once dry sanded it back which exposed a new alternative display to the colours.  Still not happy I took to spraying the whole piece black once more and then attempted to sand back to create something of interest.  As I was keen to achieve some kind of result after spending time developing I took it through a further process.  I added lines of cork in the hope that gold leaf would somehow adhere to it and create metallic strips within the piece.  However, the lines weren’t straight enough, the leaf didn’t stick entirely although I was surprised at just how much had adhered.  However, this piece was by far a disaster and I knew that I would have to think again, of a way to achieve symmetry within my work that could too offer this Linear effect I was searching for.  Upon reflection I actually prefer this piece at the onset of its life, the use of the plaster adhesive does give some depth and created a kind of wicker pattern, I will consider its use for future work.


Progression of Experimentation towards FMP


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